Kurs: Modern Android development

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10.04.17 Glasspaper AS, Brynsveien 12, 0667 Oslo, Oslo Norsk
15.06.17 Glasspaper AS, Brynsveien 12, 0667 Oslo, Oslo Norsk

The Android platform is reaching new heights in stability, performance, and market penetration. Now is the time to learn about the framework and release that application that will change the world. But which course to take? Preferably one that keeps up-to-date with the latest Android versions!


This course is called "Modern Android development" for a reason. You'll learn to use the latest version of the Android platform, in order to make full use of the software stack. The examples provided lead you step by step to a fullly working real-world application.


Day 1

Android the platform

  • Open Handset Alliance
  • I'll see your JVM and raise you a Dalvik
  • Everything is open


Becoming productive with Android

  • Eclipse
  • The Android SDK
  • The ADT plugin


Android the framework

  • Applications
  • Activities
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Events and listeners
  • Intents
  • Common application tasks



Day 2


  • Using a service
  • Building a service



  • Saving preferences
  • Saving to the database
  • Content providers



  • Unit tests
  • Instrumenting the application
  • Dependency injection
  • Testable Android architecture



You'll come away from "Modern Android development" knowing...
  •   How to build a capable Android application from scratch
  •     Application patterns to prefer and avoid
  • How to find things effectively in the Android API documentation


Java programmers. If your background is in C# or C/C++, you will probably do fine. If your background is in PHP or VB, you might want to take a Java course first. Some familiarity with XML is a plus, but not a strict requirement.


About the instructor: Carl Mesak Carl has extensive experience in software development and software architecture, both in active use, blogging, and teaching. He uses a variety of programming languages daily. Carl has worked in the software industry for the last 15 years. His experience spans over a wide range of paradigms and platforms, and he has developed everything from custom web site design and bioinformatics toolkits to grammar engines and compilers. His specialty is to make systems coordinate and systematize large amounts of heterogeneous data - or, more casual, "bringing order out of chaos." He also likes to heal major systems that are in need of an architect.


Modern Android development hos Glasspaper
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