Kurs: COBIT® Foundation with Simulation

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This 3-day course addresses the benefits of a sound IT Governance framework and explains how this can be realized using the best practice framework COBIT®. The elements of the COBIT framework are explained using case studies and interactive presentations. This course features ”The COBIT Games” simulation where participants learn to apply COBIT principles in a city that is preparing to host the Olympic Games. An exam preparation module is included in the course preparing participants to take on the COBIT® Foundation Exam. 


Key topics  
• Identify key IT-management issues affecting organizations and understand the need for an IT Governance framework
• Describe the COBIT Framework and components 

• Describe COBIT resources and understand how they benefit business 
• Understand the components of COBIT and the role COBIT fulfils with respect to other IT-management frameworks
• Understand how the COBIT framework can be applied for two sample COBIT processes, P010 and DS02 


• Some experience in IT Governance is recommended but not necessary
• It is recommended that students acquire a copy of the COBIT 4.0 publication that can be downloaded for free from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association® (ISACA®) website www.isaca.org/cobit


IT Support Staff, IT Consultants, Key Business Users, Senior IT and Audit management, practitioners, senior managers in IT service providing firms


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