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Workshop: Host ‘Government Take’ Optimization Techniques

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The endowment of naturally occurring resources has always been expected to boost national economic development. This has not however been the case in a number of countries.

The critical technology required for optimum exploration in terms of exploration and production coupled with the high financial requirements do not in all cases deliver appropriate revenue to the host government.

It is not unusual to link this anomaly with the fiscal inadequacies in fiscal regimes contained in various exploration and production contracts.

Similarly the contract types and government policies also play significant roles in the economics and therefore optimization of all revenue that accrues to the host government which is referred to as ‘Government Take’.

For Government Take to be optimum there must be a significant and comprehensive understanding by government supervisory and regulatory agencies (officials) of the techniques and policies that can deliver such optimum revenue to government.

This is particularly more so when government is not directly involved in the explorations & production operations but has contracted & licensed International Oil Companies (IOCs) to explore & produce on OPL & OML basis.

It is globally recognized that IOCs are agents and, in such circumstances, ‘Agency Problem’ which is known to minimize economic returns to resource owners (Host Governments) need to be minimized for governments to maximize the benefits from such resources.

This program has been designed to expose attendees to the various ways by which ‘Government Take’ can be maximized. It also provides in-depth understanding of economic consequences of fiscal regime components in different contract types.

The aspects of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in particular that require attention and how to use such knowledge in ensuring ‘Government Take’ optimization is very much addressed by this program.

This Program also enables attendees to master the art of managing oil & gas acreage bidding processes.

The course will be delivered in a classroom setting with numerous examples drawn from different countries’ experiences in bidding, contract types formulation and national oil & gas asset portfolio management.
The program will also allow for interactive sessions with experienced & seasoned facilitators.


1. Petroleum Hydrocarbon  Resources: Nature & Peculiarities
2. Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resources Exploitation Processes
3. Petroleum Hydrocarbon : A National Asset and Resource:

  • Best Exploitation Principles & Practice

4. Petroleum Oil & Gas Asset Portfolio Management for:

  • Maximum Revenue Generation
  • Maximum National Content Input
  • Minimization of Waste

5. The Role of Unitization in Maximum Revenue Generation

6. International Unitization : An Overview

7. International Unitization:

  • Minimizations of Cross-Border disputes
  • International Dispute Resolution Processes

8. Oil & Gas (E&P) Bidding Options & Processes

9. Oil & Gas Fiscal System Contract Types:

  • Economic Comparison & Analysis of Contract Types
  • Management of Different Peculiarities of Contract Types e.g. Overcoming Regulatory & Supervisory Challenges of Production Sharing Contract.

10. Incorporated Joint Venture (IJV): An Overview of its Management Processes


5 days

Target audience

Geoscientists, Planning Dept Staff, Accounting & Finance Staff, and All Staff & Managers engaged in any aspect of Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Regulatory & Supervisory functions.

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Host ‘Government Take’ Optimization Techniques
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