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Oslo Bergen 5 dager 22 900 kr
24 Apr
12 Jun
26 Jun
C# 6 is new in Visual Studio 2015, and is the latest evolution of Microsofts primary programming language. This course covers the latest language features in C# 6 and the... [+]
C# 6 is new in Visual Studio 2015, and is the latest evolution of Microsofts primary programming language. This course covers the latest language features in C# 6 and the .NET 2015 platform. You will get a deep and broad understanding of C# as a programming language, and gain confidence to explore the richness of the .NET Framework library including asynchronous programming, LINQ, and EF. What you will learn: Essential C# syntax Implementing object-oriented designs in C# Using generics, collection classes, and exceptions What is new in C# 6 and .NET 2015 Using LINQ and EF Asynchronous programming Dynamic programming Overview of MVC6 About Andy Olsen - the author of the course Andy is a freelance consultant and instructor based in the UK, working mostly in the City of London and Oxford. Andy has been working with .NET since the Beta 1 days and has extensive experience in many facets of .NET development including WCF, WPF, WF, ASP.NET MVC Web development, and mobile applications. Andy has designed and written many Microsoft Official Curriculum courses in the last decade, and has been engaged as author and technical reviewer with Apress on some of their biggest selling books.   Introduction to C# and .NET: .NET Framework building blocks; Hello world in C#; Using Visual Studio 2015; Namespaces and assemblies Core C# Programming Constructs: Variables, operators, and statements; Reference types vs. value types; Conversions; Nullable types; Using the Console and String classes; Flow-of-control; Using implicit types More C# Programming Constructs: Defining methods; Input, output, and optional parameters; Method overloading; Arrays; Structures Defining and Using Classes: Defining classes; Defining constructors and finalizers; Defining properties; Creating and disposing objects; Defining constants and read-only fields; Static members; Partial classes/methods Inheritance and Polymorphism: Defining base classes and derived classes; Overriding methods; Abstract classes; Interfaces Exception Handling: Defining Try/Catch/Finally blocks; Throwing exceptions; Defining new exception classes; Defining Using blocks Creating Collections of Objects: Overview of generics; Using List collections; Using Dictionary collections What is New in C# 6: Static using syntax; Auto-property initializers; Dictionary initializers; Exception filters; String interpolation Delegates, Events, and Lambdas: Overview; Defining simple delegates; Defining and handling events; Using lambda expressions Additional Language Features: Operator overloading; Extension methods; Object initializers; Anonymous types Introduction to LINQ: The role of LINQ; Simple LINQ query expressions; Using LINQ with collections; LINQ query operators Using the Entity Framework: EF classes and DbContext; Implementing relationships; Managing data; Additional techniques Asynchronous Programming: Understanding the async and await keywords; Implementing asynchronous code; Synchronization techniques Integrating with Unmanaged Code: The dynamic keyword; The Dynamic Language Runtime Overview of MVC6: Creating an ASP.NET MVC application; Defining models, views, and controllers; Introduction to REST and Web API [-]
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Bergen Oslo 3 dager 17 900 kr
26 Apr
10 May
12 Jun
This course gets you started with the C# language and the .NET framework. It will help you to understand the basic syntax and cover the most important parts of the class ... [+]
This course gets you started with the C# language and the .NET framework. It will help you to understand the basic syntax and cover the most important parts of the class library. It will also give you a solid foundation in object oriented development, covering both inheritance and interface implementation. The course is delivered by experienced developers who will show you the best way to write C# according to modern best practices.     Day 1 The .NET platform and Visual Studio Overview of the .NET framework and C# Different project templates Building and running projects   Language constructs Basic data types Operators Declaring and using variables Namespaces Arrays Flow control and loops   Classes Writing your own classes Adding behaviour through methods     Day 2 Generic collections Lists, queues and stacks Dictionaries IEnumerables and foreach loops   OOP basics Member access modifiers Data encapsulation Writing properties and get/set accessors Constructors Designing with objects   Inheritance Inheriting behaviour from base classes Virtual methods and overriding Abstract classes and methods How to use inheritance appropriately   Interfaces What interfaces are Implementing interfaces Class inheritance vs interface implementation     Day 3 Garbage Collection and memory management Garbage collection overview Memory heaps and stacks Using ref and out parameters Structs vs classes Boxing and unboxing   Type conversion Type conversions Implicit and explicit conversion The Convert class   Exceptions and error handling Try ... Catch ... Finally syntax Catching multiple exception types Throwing exceptions Creating your own exception types   Built-in types Date and time Manipulating strings Reading from and writing to files Streams   [-]
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Oslo 3 dager 17 900 kr
29 May
In this course students will learn essential programming skills and techniques that are required to develop Windows 10 Universal Apps using C#. [+]
Module 1: Introduction to the Windows UWP Windows 10 Universal Apps Windows Core API CoreCLR / .NET Native Tooling Visual Studio 2015 Module 2: Creating User Interfaces using XAML XAML Basics Using Controls Programming in code behind Databinding Module 3: MVVM The MVVM design pattern ViewModels Commands & RelayCommands Event Aggregator Using MVVM Frameworks Module 4: Navigation & Menus The Application Lifecycle Navigation Creating menus AppBar Control Module 5: User Experience XAML Styling Implementing Templates Shared Resources Adaptive UI using SplitView & RelativePanel Introduction to Blend for Visual Studio 2015 Module 6: User Notifications Implementing Live Tiles The Action Center Sending Push Notifications Module 7: Background processing REST API communication Azure Mobile Services Background execution Cortana integration Module 8: Packaging & Deployment The manifest file Visual assets Creating test and store packages The Windows Application Certification Kit Module 9: Publishing to the Windows store Publishing Monetization & Advertisement In App purchases Application Insights Updating the app About Erik Van Appeldoorn - the author of the course Erik is an experienced software developer and trainer from The Netherlands. He loves software development and likes to share his knowledge and experiences with other developers. His key interests are: Software Architecture, Internal Quality, Test Driven Development and Clean Code. Erik speaks regularly about these topics at international events. [-]
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