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Learn English in a fun, efficient and practical way. The Berlitz Virtual Classroom™ (BVC) is live real-time conversational training delivered via Internet. [+]
Berlitz English Group are ideal for those who find it more enjoyable to learn in an environment with other students, yet still want to receive the personalized attention needed to succeed. The combination of live guided conversation and the interactive whiteboard on which the instructor presents materials and students can write, gives the students the benefit of a live classroom with the advantages of the Internet. The PC screen simply replaces the traditional classroom. After the lesson students can review the lesson using the lesson recording and practice by using the various materials available for their program. You will learn English effectively with Berlitz because:• Lessons are in English exclusively – Your teacher’s native language is English.• We focus on practical language training – You will be given the maximum time to speak English during each lesson.• Berlitz courses are relevant to your needs and goals – Therefore maximally motivating.• The courses are always made up of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 participants Schedule:20 weeks of group instruction (3 – 5 participants) or 16 weeks with a group of 2 participants18:45 – 21:00 Central European Time Free Online Placement Test:Test your language skills in 20 minutes! https://test.berlitz.com/placement/ Free Demo Lesson:Sign up for free demo lesson by clicking on this link See for yourself how the program works: BVC Guided Tour Join your group and experience real results with the conversational Berlitz Method®, and enjoy plenty of individual speaking time with students at your skill level. [-]
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