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Introduction to Wireline [+]
This course is a theoretical introduction course combined with practical demonstrations to illustrate the principles of a wireline operation. The course is recommended for personnel who work offshore within production, process and drilling as well as in onshore positions where a basic knowledge of wireline is required.List of topics: The well / well completions / x-treesWireline surface equipmentPressure control equipmentIntroduction to barriersDown hole equipmentCables, sizes and specificationsWireline operations [-]
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18 Oct
06 Dec
Modeling [+]
Modeling a job is an important task during planning and performing the operation. This course will give you an introduction to the Cerberus simulation. Understanding output from modeling as the importance of correct input and the effect of different parameter will be covered during the course. Practical example will be used to illustrate.   Introduction to simulationUse of simulation - Understand output from modelingJob planningRe-simulation during jobJob examples and challengesPractical exercises and discussion [-]
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09 Nov
Wireline HPHT Course [+]
The 1 day HPHT is a compressed course but still based on the full HPHT course template. The course will give a basic introduction to HPHT including equipment and procedures to allow people achieve an understanding of the equipment selection and well control. [-]
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Practical Course [+]
The mechanical wireline training is an introduction to the key elements of wireline intervention performed by ALTUS Intervention. Well control is the most important safety aspect and the course will present the organisational and technical barriers in place with wireline intervention.The training presents the contents of a wireline package; winch package, pressure control equipment and downhole tools. The training course have lessons in class and demonstration on actu [-]
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IWCF Well Intervention level 2 [+]
The following certification options are provided and are made up of compulsory and optional components: Completion Operations (compulsory) Completion Equipment (compulsory) Coiled Tubing Operations (optional) Wireline Operations (optional) Snubbing Operations (optional) Candidates must attempt both compulsory components and one or more optional component in a combined certification programme. However, to obtain a combined certificate, candidates must pass each component they have been nominated for. [-]
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Completion Course [+]
This theoretical course is intended for personnel who needs an introduction to well completion. The course is based on theory combined with hands-on demonstrations. [-]
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05 Sep
21 Nov
Wireline Trainign Competence, 4 days [+]
This course is intended for personnel working within the oil industry in general and in particular with well intervention services, e.g. well service supervisors and engineers.The course includes practical wireline training Completion and Surface EquipmentCable/Cable ManagementDown Hole EquipmentWell barriers and Well ControllFishingPractical WirelineoperationIntegrated Operation [-]
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19 Oct
Wireline Tractor 1 day [+]
This course provides a theoretical introduction to the PowerTrac Advance tractor, combined with practical hands-on training in the workshop. Tractor - structure and range of usePlanningIntroduction to simulationSupplementary equipmentTractor case history [-]
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20 Oct
Production Logging [+]
This course provides a theoretical introduction on the reasons for logging and oil weel and information regarding different logging services Introduction to e-lineCables types and surface equipmentCable managementDownhole equipmentLogging operations [-]
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30 May
30 May
31 May
This course includes all subjects needed to prepare candidates for the well intervention IWCF exam. [+]
This course includes all subjects needed to prepare candidates for the well intervention IWCF exam. A course manual is provided for all attendees. The IWCF exam is included in the course. The course has been made on basis of the recommendations for enhancements to well control training, issued by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP). List of topics: Completion Well barriers and containment devices Completion equipment Flow control devices Pressure testingPrinciples and procedures Pressure and volume calculations Barrier principles Well conditions Kill methods Wireline, Coiled tubing and Snubbing Pressure control equipment Barrier elements Pressure control during operations Pressure testing Contingencies   [-]
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The Certification Standards are based on a detailed analysis of the pressure control knowledge that persons require to perform their jobs safely. The standards have been ... [+]
The Certification Standards are based on a detailed analysis of the pressure control knowledge that persons require to perform their jobs safely. The standards have been devised so that the measurement of knowledge can be assessed systematically. Individuals who intend to work in a country, or for an Operator or Contractor, where an IWCF or IAWC certificate is the required standard, will have to obtain their certification by completing the appropriate programme. CONTENT The course can be separated into different parts: Self-study before the course starts Teaching and assignments The course ends with IWCF certification test ­ Well Control Equipment ­ Barrier Principles ­ Well information and pressure control ­ Well control during killing operations ­ Problems during kill operations OBJECTIVES After completing this course, participants will have the knowledge required to pass the IWCF Certification test. The IWCF Certification in Norway is a government imposed certificate for leading well service personnel and must be renewed every two years. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS None. Suitable for Well service personnel in construction or operating companies who have basic knowledge of pressure control. [-]
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