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Drive business improvement by enhancing your analysis, planning and strategic skills. Effectively identify business issues, opportunities, problems and solutions. [+]
As a Business Analyst one of your main roles is to drive business improvement and attain business benefit. Enhance your analysis, planning, problem-solving and strategic skills with the BCS BA Practice course. This course teaches participants how to develop effective and feasible business solutions by using a range of strategic analysis and enterprise improvement techniques. Gain skills in identifying business issues, opportunities, problems and solutions. All of these could fast track your career and make you stand out from your peers.   Goals:  Describe how a business strategy is developed Use strategic analysis techniques Describe the need for project discipline Explain techniques to investigate an organisation’s business systems Describe an approach to improving business systems Explain the importance of stakeholder management and use a stakeholder analysis technique Use techniques for the analysis and modelling of business systems Describe how recommendations for business improvement may be identified Describe the contents of a rigorous business case for the development and implementation of business change Identify costs, benefits, impacts and risks for an option in a business case   Topics:  Business analysis rationale Strategic analysis in context A project approach to business analysis Understanding the situation/issues Business perspectives Analysing and modelling the business activities Creative problem solving Identifying potential solutions Making the business case [-]
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