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09 May
This 3 day course is for the skilled DBA who wants to learn about and how to setup different High Availability solutions for MariaDB and MySQL. [+]
MariaDB & MySQL are all about performance. Getting the most performance requires not just the standard MariaDB or MySQL tweaking and tuning, but also a deep understanding of the new performance enhancing features. This instructor-led class is for those who wants to be able to obtain the highest performance from their MariaDB & MySQL databases. Learn how to optimize queries, find bottlenecks, utilize caches, and more. Get the latest tips and tricks for squeezing every last drop of performance out of your MariaDB or MySQL server! What you'll learn Choose the best storage engine to suit your dataset and traffic Configure MariaDB or MySQL for best connection concurrency vs memory footprint Design your schema, normalize it, and know when to de-normalize! Tune your SQL queries with inside knowledge of the MariaDB Optimizer Design your application to handle scaling out with Replication, and other technologies [-]
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