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4 dagers intensivkurs innen mekling og forhandlinger med avsluttende eksamen som kvalifiserer til tittelen "Accredited Mediator" med medlemskap i European ADR & Mediation... [+]
What is Mediation?   How can it help me and my business? In a mediation procedure the Mediator is a neutral independent person who acts as a facilitator who helps the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of their dispute. Any settlement terms reached can be signed and recorded in an enforceable contract. Mediation is an efficient and cost-effective way of achieving a fair outcome while preserving, and at times even enhancing, the relationship, business and personal, of the parties.   European Mediation Training Overview   Over four days participants will undertake 40 hours of professional mediation training affording them the opportunity to act as a mediator and to learn all the basic principles required to run an effective Mediation Conference.   This professional training equips participants with the basic mediation skills and techniques necessary for running a mediation conference whilst simultaneously providing participants an insight into the different types of common mediation situations.   Mediation Training Content Introduction to mediation Misconceptions on mediation Types of mediation The six negotiation contexts Achieving satisfaction in negotiation Planning, and preparation for strategic negotiations Mediation as an extension of the negotiation process Mediation process Mediators techniques and strategies The skilful mediator Live mediation [-]
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