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Nettundervisning 7 timer 59 GBP
The course looks specifically at the risks which arise and are faced by different types of professionals. This one-day workshop comprises a number of interactive sessions... [+]
Key objectives You will understand: • The professions which benefit from this cover and the exposure presented by the services offered • How liability can arise under common law, statute and contract • How the main areas of policy cover operate • Major risk assessment features • How insurers view certain risks when presented by a broker • Principle exclusions found under the policy • The impact of a claims made wording • Why a typical wording might need to be extended • The impact of how a claim might arise • Application of the cover to key sectors such as : - Accountants, Architects, Construction, Engineers, Insurance Brokers, Technology, Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR and the Legal Profession. [-]
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Nettundervisning 7 timer 59 GBP
This workshop is designed for more experienced staff who work with larger and mid core commercial clients and who wish to develop a fuller understanding of what an insure... [+]
The module looks in depth at the sort of information which needs to be collected when an insurer’s surveyor visits a client’s premises. The questions asked by the surveyor, and the anticipated answers are analysed to gain an insight into how an insurer might view such data when rating a policy.   Key objectives You will be able to: • Understand how an insurer views risk and hazard • Explain cover to the client the need for risk improvement • Understand what types of hazard are found in medium and large size risks • Provide guidance on how to reduce premiums • Explain the importance of loss control and risk management.     [-]
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