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Oslo 5 dager 28 000 kr
26 Jun
This course looks at the fundamentals required in the planning, implementation and operation of a Cisco Wireless Lan network. [+]
This course is designed to help provide students with the knowledge and hands on practice required to enable them to design, install, configure, monitor and conduct the basic troubleshooting tasks of a Cisco WLAN in an SMB or Enterprise installations. As this is associate level course the advanced features of the Cisco WLAN networks solutions will not be covered in depth. After attending this course you should be able to: Understand the basic RF priciples and characteristics Understand WLAN security methods and access with differing client devices Define the Cisco WLAN architecture and the underlying infrastructure used to support it Implement a Centralized wireless access network using AireOS or IOS-XE wireless LAN Controllers Implement a Converged wireless access network using IOS-XE convertged access switches adb wireless LAN controllers Implement small and remote access wireless networks using FlexConnect, Autonomous or Cloud architectures Perform basic WLAN maintenance and troubleshooting Describe the requirements for a WLAN design Wireless Fundamentals Explain Wireless Fundamentals Describe RF Principles Understand RF Mathematics Describe Antenna Characteristics Describe the Basics of Spread Spectrum Describe Wireless Media Access Describe Wireless Governance Discovery Lab 1: Practice RF Math Discovery Lab 2: Calculate EIRP and Choose the Correct Antenna Discovery Lab 3: Explore the RF Spectrum Discovery Lab 4: Analyze Wireless Frames Security and Client Access Describe Wireless Security Components Explain 802.11 Security Explain 802.1X/EAP Framework Describe EAP Authentication Describe WPA and WPA2 Security Provide Guest Access Native Operating Systems for WLAN Connectivity Configure Smart Handheld Clients Discovery Lab 5: Review Centralized Authentication Define the Cisco Wireless Network Architecture Define Cisco Wireless Network Deployment Options Define One Management Define One Policy Define the Cisco One Network Mobility Architecture Concepts Optimize RF Conditions and Performance for Clients Describe Layer 2 Infrastructure Support Describe Protocols Used in Wired Infrastructure to Support Wireless Implement Centralized Wireless Access Initialize a Centralized WLC Describe AP Initialization Explore Additional WLC Features Implement IPv6 in a Cisco Wireless Environment Configure Client Access Implement Roaming in the Centralized Architecture Discovery Lab 6: Initialize a Centralized WLAN Deployment Implement Converged Wireless Access Initialize a Converged WCM Describe AP Connectivity Explore Additional Wireless Features Configure Client Access Implement Roaming in the Converged Architecture Implement Small and Remote Wireless Access Overview of the FlexConnect Architecture Overview of the Autonomous Architecture Overview of the Cloud Architecture WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting Describe Wireless Maintenance Explain Troubleshooting Tools Describe Troubleshooting Methodology WLAN Design Predictive WLAN Design Process WLAN Site Survey Process [-]
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Oslo 5 dager 22 900 kr
26 Jun
This 5-day Instructor led course is designed to enable delegates to optimize their networks as mobility and converged networks become more prevalent in today’s business... [+]
Delegates will learn about the new Cisco Intelligent Information Network model (IIN) and the Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) as architectural frameworks for converged networks. These networks bring with them a number of VoIP related challenges and you will be given an understanding of VoIP network essentials. In order to ensure the quality in a converged network, you will deal with concepts and implementation methods for Quality of Service (QoS).   Finally, you will face the evolution of wireless security standards, and describe elements of Cisco wireless LAN (WLAN) network. You will work on case studies and several labs based on the Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) related to the converged network topics.     Innhold:     * Describe Network Requirements     * Describe Cisco VoIP Implementations    * Introducing VoIP Networks    * Digitizing and Packetizing Voice    * Encapsulating Voice Packets for Transport    * Calculating Bandwidth Requirements    * Implementing Voice Support in an Enterprise     * Introduction to IP QoS    * Introducing QoS    * Identifying Models for Implementing QoS    * Methods for Implementing QoS     * Implement the DiffServ QoS Model    * Introducing Classification and Marking    * Using NBAR for Classification    * Introducing Queuing Implementations    * Configuring WFQ    * Configuring CBWFQ and LLQ    * Introducing Congestion Avoidance    * Introducing Traffic Policing and Shaping    * WAN Link Efficiency Mechanisms    * Implementing QoS Pre-Classify    * Deploying End-to-End QoS     * Implement AutoQoS    * Introducing AutoQoS    * Mitigating Common AutoQoS Problems     * Implement Wireless Scalability    * WLAN QoS Implementation    * Introducing 802.1x    * Configuring Encryption and Authentication on Lightweight Access PointsWLAN Management   Sertifisering:This course is recommended as preparation for exam 642-845. This course is part of the CCNP curriculum.   [-]
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