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JavaScript for developers

Kongsberg Oslo 3 dager 18 900 kr
JavaScript is everywhere today, and there's no way around it. Now you can even run JavaScript on the server with node.js. Why not embrace this powerful language and learn... Les mer

Web Development with React and Redux

Oslo 4 dager 21 900 kr
Want to follow in the footsteps of Facebook, Instragram, Netflix, Flipboard, Dropbox, Product Hunt and many more? React is a JavaScript library initially developed intern... Les mer

Programmering i Java

Trondheim 4 980 kr
Gir en oversikt over grunnleggende objektorientert programdesign og Java-programmering. Begreper inn... Les mer

JavaScript Web Development

Oslo Bergen Trondheim 3 dager 17 900 kr
JavaScript has grown a lot in recent years, and nowadays allows developers to create extremely dynamic and rich client-side Web applications. Les mer

Videregående programmering i Java

Trondheim 4 980 kr
Samarbeid mellom objekter. ArrayList. Sortering og søking i Java API-et. Å sammenligne objekter. A... Les mer


Oslo Bergen 2 dager 13 900 kr
Web authors are collectively coming to the same conclusion: the Web is becoming less inert HTML+CSS, and more dynamic JavaScript with the feeling of a desktop application... Les mer

Programming in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (exam 70-480) hands-on

Oslo Bergen Trondheim 5 dager 22 900 kr
The advent of HTML5 and CSS3 has seen something of a revolution in application development in recent times. This course takes the lid off these technologies and shows how... Les mer