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Nettkurs 5 500 kr
Tilos grunnkurs - Nettkurs Dette nettkurset gir grunnleggende kunnskap og innføring i Tilos med praktiske øvelser. [+]
Our online courses are exercise based. You control the time and pace of the course, and course access is limited to 90 days.You can replay the videos as often you wish during this time.   Description: Trimble Tilos is a tool for optimal planning and implementation of a construction project, in a graphical time- and place diagram. Taking this course provides you with basic skills for creating a linear construction project schedule and an introduction to Tilos with practical exercises. This course covers how you: • Start and Configure a New Project • Create Gantt Charts and Integrated views • Add Time and Distance Scales to Cells • Add Station Points • Insert and Scale a Distance Graphic   Tooling requirement: To benefit from this course you need Tilos installed with a valid license. [-]
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