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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
27 Aug
26 Nov
This Atlassian JIRA Core Administration training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project ... [+]
At the end of the course, users will understand how JIRA can be tailored to meet their specific project and process needs. This Atlassian JIRA Core Administration training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project and process requirements.    Module 1: JIRA Concepts Overview Introduction Summary of Users and Groups Projects Project Roles Schemes Audit logs Module 2: Users, Groups and Access Users and the User browser Privacy Groups and the Group Browser Project Roles Permissions & Access Control Module 3: The Simpler Schemes Issue Type Schemes Notification Schemes Events Module 4: Fields Priorities and Resolutions Custom Fields New options in custom fields Field Configuration Schemes Field Configurations Re-Indexing & Index Recovery Module 5: Screens Create Custom Fields Define a context Create a Field Configuration Make use of a Field Configuration Scheme Module 6: Workflows The visual workflow designer Planning workflows The Status Attribute Transitions Workflow Triggers Creating a workflow Creating a workflow scheme   [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
26 Aug
25 Nov
Clearvisions Atlassian JIRA Core training course provides an understanding of basic JIRA concepts including working with issues, searching and reporting. [+]
At the end of the course, users will be able to use JIRA Core to work with issues and provide change tracking and control for software development projects. Clearvisions Atlassian JIRA Core training course provides an understanding of basic JIRA concepts including working with issues, searching and reporting.    Module 1: JIRA Key ConceptsChange & Defect Tracking. Introduction to JIRA What is an Issue? What is a Project? What is a Workflow? Module 2: Getting Started with JIRAExploring the JIRA workspace Managing your user profile Module 3: Introduction to IssuesIssues Types Fields Creating an Issue Viewing Issues Editing Issues Attachments Module 4: Introduction to WorkflowsSteps Transitions and Screens Moving through workflows The Workflow Viewer Module 5: CollaborationCollaboration Commenting on Issues Sharing Issues Mentions Voting Watching Module 6: Searching and FiltersQuick Search Basic Search Advanced Search (JQL) Issue Navigator Detail View Configuring Filters Shared Filters Email Filter Results Advanced Searches Module 7: ReportingStandard Reports Custom Reports Utilizing Reports [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
02 Sep
02 Dec
This Atlassian Confluence Basics Training course explains how WIKI products in general, and Confluence in particular, help organisations to collaborate. [+]
Users will benefit from understanding the commands and customisation options available to a typical user. The course materials draw extensively from practical scenarios in which Confluence can be used.     Module 1: Introduction to WikisWhat is a Wiki? Important Wiki features (The Good & Bad) How to approach a Wiki A brief introduction to Atlassian Confluence Lab Exercise: Introduction to Wikis and Confluence Thinking through WIKI Usage Scenarios (Team exercise) Module 2: Confluence Layout and NavigationThe Confluence interface; The Dashboard, Login & Sign Up Confluence structure Permissions overview; Global, Space Menus; The Browse menu, The People directory, The User menu, The Search menu and searching Lab Exercise: Confluence Layout and Navigation:Public Sign up and Login Searching and Browsing for items related to a proposed workshop Module 3: Creating Page ContentCreate pages Edit pages using the Text Editor Change page layouts Create a Table Add Images & Attachments Create a Template Lab Exercise: Creating Page ContentUsing a template to create a workshop presentation page Creating additional content related to the proposal Module 4: Supporting PagesMaking Comments Labels Attachments Page Locations & Restrictions Browse menu basics Lab Exercise: Supporting PagesLabelling pages Working with attachments Moving pages Module 5: Simple Confluence MacrosIntroduction to Macros Text Formatting Macros HTML Macro Space Macros Lab Exercise: Simple Confluence MacrosExploring the colour, quote, code and panel macros Exploring more macros Module 6: CollaborationWatches Favourites Drafts Following Users Sharing a page & @mentions Likes Dashboards - Network & Popular Content Page Information & History Notifications Lab Exercise: CollaborationSetting up Favourites Sharing a page and using @mentions Following a user and liking a page Using your network Viewing Page Information Blogging your experiences [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
03 Sep
03 Dec
This Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course develops basic user knowledge of Confluence to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level. [+]
The course also looks in-depth at specific tasks that will help users understand and utilize other advanced Confluence features.       Module 1: Advanced Content CreationShortcuts Wiki Markup; Text Styles, Headings, Lists, Tables, Links Module 2: Advanced MacrosMacros Widgets & External Content Advanced Images & Visuals User Macros Lab Exercise: Advanced Confluence MacrosCreating a page with embedded macros. Macro errors. The blog-posts, gallery and tasklist macros. Module 3 : Notifications and TasksEmail options Confluence Notifications - Advanced Confluence Tasks; Creating Tasks, The Tasklist Macro, Using Tasks Lab Exercise: NotificationsTurn off the confluence recommends email Notify a user Create a task; The task list, From a notification, In a confluence page, Complete a task Complete a task Module 4: Attachments and File ManagementAttaching files; The Attachments Macro Viewing Attachments Editing Attachments File Versioning Lab Exercise: AttachmentsVersioning Attachments Use the Attachments Macro Change Attachment Settings Module 5 - Basic AdministrationUsers & groups Permissions Add-Ons; Installing & Updating Add-Ons, Managing Add-Ons Common Add-Ons; Atlassian Add-Ons, Balsamiq, Gliffy, Zen Lab Exercise: Add-OnsExploring the Add-On Manager Enabling & Using Add-Ons Creating Users & Groups Module 6: Space Admin & Personal SpacesImporting and Exporting Spaces Removing Spaces Space Permissions Personal Spaces Lab Exercise: Advanced Space UsageCreating a Personal Space Assigning Personal Space Permissions [-]
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