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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
17 Aug
This Atlassian JIRA Core Administration training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian JIRA can be tailored to meet specific custom project ... [+]
This Atlassian Jira Core Administration training course provides an understanding of the various ways that Atlassian Jira can be tailored to meet specific custom project and process requirements.   Objectives & Outcomes At the end of the Clearvision Atlassian Jira Core Administration training course students will understand how Atlassian Jira can be tailored to meet their specific project and process needs. Includes a more in-depth look at effective administration and configuration methods.   Course outline Module 1: JIRA Concepts Overview Introduction Summary of Users and Groups Projects Project Roles Schemes Audit logs Module 2: Users, Groups and Access Users and the User browser Privacy Groups and the Group Browser Project Roles Permissions & Access Control Module 3: Project Administration Project Administration vs Global Administration Versions Components Access Control Project Roles Permission Schemes Issue Security Schemes Module 4: The Simpler Schemes Issue Type Schemes Notification Schemes Events Priority Schemes Module 5: Fields Resolutions Custom Fields New options in custom fields Field Configuration Schemes Field Configurations Re-Indexing & Index Recovery Module 6: Screens Create Custom Fields Define a context Create a Field Configuration Make use of a Field Configuration Scheme Module 7: Workflows The visual workflow designer Planning workflows The Status Attribute Transitions Workflow Triggers Creating a workflow Creating a workflow scheme [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
27 Aug
This Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course develops basic user knowledge of Confluence to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level. [+]
Objectives & Outcomes By attending this course delegates will begin to understand many of the more advanced features within confluence.  We’ll kick off your journey to becoming a real power user with shortcuts and markup. you’ll learn to use advanced and custom macros to generate reports with dynamic and meaningful date.  You’ll learn all about the power of integrating Confluence together with Atlassian JIRA and we’ll introduce you to both application and space administration. Course outline: Module 1: Advanced Content Creation Shortcuts Wiki Markup Text Styles Headings Lists Tables Links Module 2: Advanced Supporting Content User Macros HTML Macros User macros Workflows Page Properties Roadmaps Status Lab Exercise: Add macros to a page Implement a workflow in your page Create a workflow report with page properties User macros Module 3 : Notifications and Tasks Email options Confluence Notifications - Advanced Confluence Tasks Lab Exercise: Review another users work Progress the workflow Complete a task Module 4: Attachments and File Management Attaching files The Attachments Macro Viewing Attachments Making Presentations Editing Attachments File Versioning File recovery Attachment Storage Attachment Admin Confluence with WebDAV Lab Exercise: Upload to summary page Use the attachments macro View versioning Add attachment label Search for attachment Optional : configure webdav Module 5 - Integration to Jira Application links Requirements definition The Jira Macro Creating Jira Issues from Confluence Displaying Jira Data in Confluence Making Jira Gadgets available to Confluence Lab Exercise: Create a requirements document Populate some stories Create Jira Data Optional – create a status report page Module 6: Introduction to Administration Users & groups Permissions Space Permissions Trash / Orphaned Pages Look and Feel Templates Audit logs Usage statistics Lab Exercise:  1. Part 1 Create a user Create a group Add the user to a group Grant the group permissions 2. Part 2 Restore a deleted page Create a template Configure personal space Look and feel Sidebar [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
16 Aug
Clearvision's Atlassian Jira Core Essentials training course provides an understanding of using Jira concepts, issues and tracking. [+]
Objectives & Outcomes At the end of the Clearvision Jira Core Essentials training course students will understand basic Atlassian Jira concepts and will be able to use Jira to work with issues and provide change tracking and control for business projects.   Course outline: Module 1: JIRA Key Concepts Change & Defect Tracking. Introduction to JIRA What is an Issue? What is a Project? What is a Workflow? Module 2: Getting Started with JIRA Exploring the JIRA workspace Managing your user profile Module 3: Introduction to Issues Issues Types Fields Creating an Issue Viewing Issues Editing Issues Attachments Module 4: Introduction to Workflows Steps Transitions and Screens Moving through workflows The Workflow Viewer Module 5: Collaboration Collaboration Commenting on Issues Sharing Issues Mentions Voting Watching Module 6: Searching and Filters Quick Search Basic Search Advanced Search (JQL) Issue Navigator Detail View Configuring Filters Shared Filters Email Filter Results Advanced Searches Module 7: Reporting Standard Reports Custom Reports Utilizing Reports [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 8 900 kr
26 Aug
This Atlassian Confluence Essentials Training course explains how WIKI products in general, and Confluence in particular, help organisations to collaborate. [+]
Objectives & Outcomes Users will dive into the system to create content with ease.We’ll look at managing the structure and organisation of spaces with templates and help you to work with attachments and files.Finally, you’ll be able to work together through various collaboration techniques using dynamic and meaningful content macros. Course outline: Optional Module: Introduction to Wikis Module 1: Introduction to Confluence Accessing Confluence Key Concepts Pages Spaces The Dashboard Permissions Menus The Browse menu The People directory The User menu Module 2: Creating Page Content Create pages Edit pages using the Text Editor Collaborative editing Change page layouts Create a Table Attachments Module 3: Collaboration Sharing and Notifications Favorites Comments & inline comments Restrictions Module 4: Dynamic Confluence Content Introduction to Macros Text Formatting Macros HTML Macro Space Macros Module 5: Page Management part 1 Page drafts Copy pages Deleting pages Moving pages Module 6: Page Management part 2 Page history and versioning Page locations & hierarchies Labels Exporting / Importing Pages [-]
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