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Trondheim 4 980 kr
29 Aug
Business value of big data. Content, capabilities and applications of big data. Introduction to big ... [+]
Business value of big data. Content, capabilities and applications of big data. Introduction to big data techniques.Les mer om IFUD1123 Big data [-]
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Oslo 1 dag 5 900 kr
30 Aug
30 Aug
Lær om avanserte analyser og hvordan Big Data kan forvandle din virksomhet. Få grunnleggende forståelse av prinsipper, teknikker og plattformer og bli informert om de ... [+]
Big Data has become THE buzzword in today’s media. Unfortunately, most in-depth information on Big Data are for those building the solution, not those seeking a competitive edge through advanced analytics. Now we share our experience and best practices. Learn about advanced analytics and how big data can be transform your business. Get fundamental understanding of principles, techniques and platforms, and be informed about the challenges involved in implementing a solution. Most people in business find it difficult to make decisions based on the large amount of information they have. Big Data is about solving this challenge. Affecto has more than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Big Data. A deeper understanding of available business information may create development opportunities and can transform knowledge into action through good decision-making. Real time information and self-service give you precise and relevant information. This way you can take smart decisions and give personalized service and advice. Content:What is Big Data, and how to make use of it? Is Big Data just a hype? Innovation with Big Data Client cases and best uses of Big Data in real life Hands-on training Data discovery and analysis with new tools such as IBM Watson and Blue Mix What are the main technologies within Big Data? Data sources Visualization Analysis and data mining Implementation Introduction to data mining and Big Data techniques Big Data and marketing: Segmenting and targeting your audience Social media analytics. How to get data from the web and understand the buzz Text mining. How to understand text and boost your prediction level Internet of Things and Big Data: Utilizing sensor data for predictive maintenance and analytics Hands-on training Vizualisation and analysis with tools as Tableau Big Data challenges How to choose the right tools Organizing Big Data projects How to get started with Big Data successfully [-]
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