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1 dag 500 EUR
This class explores a range of advanced programming techniques, that are especially suited to Perl development. [+]
Topics covered include: Subroutines and Closures Declarative parameter lists Named and anonymous closures Lexical subroutines and modules Generic programming via inversion of control Building code with higher-order functions Mapping, reduction, and other functional programming techniques Variables and Data Structures Algorithmic optimization via aliases Code optimization via autovivification Processing recursive data-structures via closure traversal Scoping and Context Scope vs accessibility vs context vs lifespan Context manipulation Lexical modules (the %^H variable) Objects and Classes Declarative class specifications Encapsulation techniques Objects as return values Overloading object behaviours Delegation techniques Error handling Standard Perl error signalling approaches Client-controlled error signalling via the autodie module Contingent error signalling techniques via return objects Inversion-of-control for error signalling Safer exception handling via TryCatch or Try::Tiny (and friends) [-]
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1 dag 4 800 kr
This one-day tutorial provides a detailed introduction to the new and improved features of these modern versions of Perl 5 [+]
Perl 5.10 added more useful features to the language than any other release since Perl 5.0.0. Perls 5.12 through 5.24 are more recent annual releases that provide important refinements and further enhancements. Perl 5.26 is the next scheduled release, due in mid-2017. Most people are now using Perl 5.10 or later, but often without taking advantage of those new features. This one-day tutorial provides a detailed introduction to the new and improved features of these modern versions of Perl 5, along with practical examples of how they can improve the performance, robustness, and maintainability of your code. Topics covered include: Backward and forward compatibility using the feature pragma Smartmatching comparisons Perl's new switch statement Many new features and performance improvements for regular expression State variables Lexical subroutines Handling defaults with the defined-or operator New and improved file and filetest operations Recursive sorting and pattern matching The new UNITCHECK execution phase The extended package definition syntax Implicit strictures Using each on arrays Using array or hash references in place of arrays or hashes Much more reliable exception handling New and improved core modules and pragmas New documentation Deprecations and feature removals Where to expect better (or worse!) performance [-]
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