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Bedriftsintern 3 dager 17 500 kr
This workshop will teach you Spring Framework basics and dives into Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to create Microservices. [+]
This workshop will teach you Spring Framework basics and dives into Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to create Microservices.Introduction     Design goals and principles     IOC and dependency injection     Spring Ecosystem Spring Framework     Spring Beans     Java Configuration, Annotation Based Configuration     Dependency injection, beans and properties     Bean Lifecycle     Property Sources, Environment abstraction Spring Boot     Starters, AutoConfiguration, Properties, Actuators     Devtools, LiveReload, debugging     Testing, Test-Properties     Packaging, Logging, YAML, Profiles     Actuator, Monitoring     Data Access with JPA     Restservices with Spring MVC and Spring Data Rest     Security     Custom Spring Boot Starters Microservices     Twelve-factor Apps     Overview of Microservices with Spring Boot / Spring Cloud     Orchestrating a Microservice system with Spring Cloud Netflix stack After the workshop, the participants will be able to independently create web applications using the technologies and frameworks used in the workshop. [-]
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Bedriftsintern 2 dager 13 500 kr
In this Workshop, we will use the current versions of Spring Boot, Spring Framework and Project Reactor to write Reactive code and will introduce RSocket, an application ... [+]
You’ll get hands-on experience with building a Reactive application to stream data leveraging the newly available Reactive data types, Spring WebFlux, Spring Data and Rsocket. Besides that, we will work with some new tools which make dealing with errors and blocking APIs visible. Agenda Introduction Reactive Streams, Publisher/Subscriber types and Reactor types Getting familiar with Project Reactor Using Reactive RabbitMQ with Spring Using Rsocket as a streaming message protocol Using Spring WebFlux Functional configuration API for Spring WebFlux Using Reactive Types with Thymeleaf Using Spring Security Reactive Using Spring Data MongoDB to reactively stream data Using Spring Data R2DBC Using Reactive Redis with Spring What’s next?  Target audience This workshop is targeted at developers and architects who are new to reactive programming and want to learn how to use the Spring ecosystem to get started. Requierments Participants should have some prior knowledge about Java and the Spring Framework/Ecosystem. The workshop will be held in English. In order to participate, you will need: A laptop with at enough spare disk space and RAM Java, Maven and your favourite IDE installed (Eclipse, Spring STS, IntelliJ, Netbeans) Docker for some demos [-]
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