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React & Redux
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09 Dec
Are you an experienced React developer and curious to deeply dive into advanced topics and the changes of 2019? [+]
This course is based around the following areas: Code reuse, Performance, Correctness, Refactoring and Function Components getting the same capabilities as Class Components. React is introducing new functionality to address challenges that come with  above areas. This course shows you what you can do to make your React program  easier to build, smaller, faster and correct. Some of the changes will be released during 2019, but that doesn’t mean we  cannot explore the changes and write demos. The course will be a combination of many demos, presentations and hands-on  labs.   What you will learn: Patterns New Context API (React 16.3) Hooks (~Q1 2019) Profiler (React 16.5) Performance Concurrent Mode (~Q2 2019) Suspense (React 16.6 and ~Q3 2019) Considerations for maintainable projects  Jest Storybook   Content: Patterns:  Container pattern Props and state destructuring in render method Higher-Order Components Render-props Transclusion Implicit State pattern (see: Context)  New Context API (React 16.3): Provider Consumer  Using Hooks (~Q1 2019): Function components with state: useState() & useReducer() Function components with side effects: useEffect() Function components with context: useContext() Other React Hooks Refactoring Class components Writing Hooks (~Q1 2019): Writing Custom Hooks  Profiler (React 16.5) DevTools changes How to use Profiler API  Performance: MemoCompontent memo() useCallback() Hook useMemo() Hook react-virtualized Concurrent Mode (~Q2 2019): Preparations: Strict Mode (16.6) Responsive rendering without blocking the main thread Working with priorities  Suspense (React 16.6 and ~Q3 2019): Preparations: Strict Mode (16.6) Suspense component & lazy() (16.6)  Code splitting (16.6) Time slicing Data fetching Considerations for maintainable projects: Naming Code & folder organisation more?  Jest: Unit tests Testing asynchronous code Setup & Teardown Mocks Snapshot testing Integration tests Test React Applications  Storybook: Writing stories Using popular addons: Actions, Console, etc. Manual testing  Appendix: Using Redux and React with Hooks redux-react-hooks  [-]
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Stavanger Oslo 4 dager 20 900 kr
24 Nov
01 Dec
Is the HTML of your SPA also filled with unmaintainable semi code? [+]
Is the HTML of your SPA also filled with unmaintainable semi code? Is data binding debugging and performance causing you headaches? Don't you remember how data finds its way to the UI? Lets react! Facebook created a new functional approach to tackle traditional complexities in JavaScript: ReactJS (open source). Maligned in 2013, embraced in 2015 by the largest websites in the world. Lets build fast components in a lasting and meaningful way. In this course you will learn all about React and its ecosystem. Afterwards you are able to add React parts immediately to both existing and new websites.   Content: Introduction: What is React? Why React? Module 1: Language constructs for React & Redux EcmaScript 2015 and later (JavaScript) JSX Babel transpiler Module 2: Basic Render Fragments Properties & State Databinding Events Module 3: Building Apps Functional vs Class components, single responsibility Multiple components Reusable components (prop-types / typescript) Module 4: Component Life Component lifecycle Fetch server data Module 5: Developer experience Debugging Developer tools Unit testing Updating to new React versions Module 6: Good to know Error Boundaries Forms DOM interactions Portals Wrapping existing components Optimizations (using shouldComponentUpdate). Module 7: Setting up a project Webpack ESLint Hot Module Replacement Create-react-app Zeit Next Module 8: Redux Basics Redux Basics Redux Dev Tools Module 9: React patterns (partly used by Redux) Pattern: Higher Order Components Pattern: Render Props Context (Pattern: Implicit state) Module 10: Advanced Redux Presentational vs Container Components React-Redux Async actions Redux Middleware Redux Undo Module 11: React Router Static routing No match (like a 404) Dynamic routing Redirection Prompt Module 12: Isomorphic Applications Server side rendering (universal/isomorphic applications), ReactJS.NET, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Module 13: Styling Animations CSS, Inline styles Module 14: Future Suspense Time Slicing [-]
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