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Modern Service Oriented Architecture

Oslo Bergen Trondheim 2 dager 14 900 kr
What does Service Oriented Architecture really mean? When is it relevant? Why might it be interesting? What are the risks? Les mer

Administrating the WSO2 Carbon Platform

2 dager 1 300 EUR
WSO2 Carbon is a Middleware Platform that have been designed to implement and support industry best practices for Enterprise Architecture giving customers a unified platf... Les mer

WSO2 API Management

2 timer 1 300 EUR
WSO2 API Manager is a complete solution for publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community and for routing API traffic in an effective and scalable manner. Les mer

WSO2 ESB for developers

2 dager 1 300 EUR
WSO2 ESB is a lightweight Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) available under the Apache Software License v2.0. Les mer